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Portugal Part II

A few more photos from Portugal.  Except for the suspension bridge in Lisbon, these are from Porto.


Portugal Part I

These photos are from a early summer 2017 trip to Portugal.  They are not organized in any particular way.  I also publish photography on flickr under the name Ron Scubadiver.  That gallery is updated daily.










San Francisco and Carmel


I expect to be making regular visits to the Bay Area and Northern California in the future.

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Houston Gay Pride, 2017

Houston’s Gay Pride Festival was held for the second year downtown in front of City Hall in Houston.  This time the police made no attempt to keep participants out of the reflecting pool.   There were far more women there than men although I suspect the numbers reversed in the evening for the parade.  Temperatures were kept reasonable by rain and clouds making it only almost as hot as hell rather than hotter.  The girls were wilder this year than in the past with several sporting pasties.

Anime Matsuri

20 photos of people in costume from the 2017 edition of Anime Matsuri in Houston, Texas.

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Houston Art Car Parade 2017

Costumes have become a big part of the art car parade so here are some people in costume.

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Siem Reap, Cambodia

This was the last stop on the Southeast Asia trip.  The town is full of tourists because it is near Angkor Wat.

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