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2013 Lone Star Rally

Ron Scubadiver:

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Heading Out Heading Out

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This is one of the largest motorcycle gatherings in the world and it is held in Galveston, Texas.  Does anyone notice there is a social commentary here about the roles women choose for themselves, or are these roles chosen for them?

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The Wenches, Women and Girls of theTexas Renaissance Festival III

Angelic Girl II

Angelic Girl II

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The best thing about a Renaissance Festival is you can be anyone you want to be. Here are photos of ladies or wenches in costumes of all sorts.
See all renfest photos here from 2008, 2012 and 2013:

People in Houston


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Sorry I haven’t been doing much lately. My house flooded back in May and I spend a lot of time dealing with construction issues.

Dress Cutting Performance


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Supercar Saturday


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A meet up for exotic car owners and fans was on Washington Avenue in Houston was held this past Saturday

Austin in August


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Some were shot at Austin’s famous 6th Street,  others at Austin’s well known graffiti park.  The girl with a dog was walking down the street where I stay when in Austin.


White Linen Night


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White linen night is held on the first Saturday in August in several cities including Austin, Houston and New Orleans.  It is a celebration of summer heat.


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