Black and White

Barcelona Street Shots


8 Photos in This Gallery

Street photography from las Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain. All were done with a Nikon D800 and a 50mm f/1.4 G lens.

SXSW 2016



30 Photos in This Gallery, Click on “Visit” to see them.

Street shots and street portraits I grabbed in Austin, Texas while SXSW was in full swing.  Some of these images are new, most of the others are new edits.





Buenos Aires Street Photos


15 B&W Photos in this gallery

These photos are from the end of the journey.  I have decided to skip around to provide a little variety.  One of these images is not from Buenos Aires. If you can guess which one it is you will win a coupon good for a free cup of coffee at my house in Houston, only on a Sunday morning.

Victoria BC


20 Photos in This Gallery

Rather than arriving via Victoria’s beautiful harbor, my ferry landed at Sidney a small town about 30 minutes away by highway.  Canadian customs was unusually quick.  My first stop was Fisherman’s Wharf, a 15 minute walk from the harbor.  Locals will try to convince you to take a water taxi.



Seattle Street Photography


25 Photos in This Gallery

Seattle is a target rich environment for street photography.  There is always a crowd at the Pike Street Market, plus the downtown streets are packed with people.

Tru this link for more:

Humans of Maui (Expanded)


30 Photos in This Gallery

Here is a collection of street photography and street portraits from Maui.


Sorrento In Black and White (Archives)


8 Monochrome Photos in This Gallery

These are from my 2010 trip to Italy. It was the first time I traveled with an full frame digital camera, a D700 back then. Some of these have not been published previously, or they were published as color images


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