Breckenridge and Vail


I was recently in Colorado.  Aspen groves had turned to gold and the first snow fell at high altitudes.

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Summer in Aspen

Parking Lot Puddle

Parking Lot Puddle

Aspen, Colorado is a great place to go in the summer.   Mild weather is nearly guaranteed, and the scenery is beautiful when not covered with snow.  Lots of bars and restaurants ranging from moderate to very expensive are available.  Tons of Texans are there escaping the heat.   Independence pass has an elevation 12,095 feet.  It’s the continental divide for water drainage in North America.


Vail in the Summer

Girl on a Ridge

Girl on a Ridge

Vail was built as a planned city from the ground up, unlike some of the other Colorado ski resorts that started out as mining towns.  Photos out in the open arid areas were taken about 15 miles Northwest of Vail.