Views of Maui


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Just some of the typical sights on Maui, provided you are looking in the right direction.


Humans of Maui (Expanded)


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Here is a collection of street photography and street portraits from Maui.


Life is a Beach On Maui


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Kihei Beach faces West on Maui’s Southwest side.   Towards the end of the trip I tired of driving around the island.  My hotel was across the street from  3 public beaches, so I would go out and walk with my camera, a telephoto zoom attached in a world full of bikinis.





10 Photos in This Gallery, the pano is 2,000 px wide.

From sea level to 10,000 feet (3,000 M) it takes about an  hour of driving to get to this magnificent view at the highest point on Maui.


Maui Hang Gliding Glory



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These daring guys were jumping off the side of Haleakla, sailing through space like birds.





Lili`uokalani Gardens

Lili`uokalani Gardens

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Hilo is a town on the wet side of the Big Island.  It is across the bay from Mauna Kea and surrounded by rainforest.  Not that many tourists from the US mainland go there, but it is a regular stop for buses full of Asians.

A few of these photos were taken at locations North of Hilo on the final leg of the trip driving back to Kona.


Akaka Falls and Hakalau

Sugar Mill Door

Sugar Mill Door

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Akaka falls is about a 35 minute drive North along the coast from Hilo.  The park has a short paved loop through lush rainforest with the main attraction being a long waterfall.

Further North,  soon after the turn off for Hakaka Falls you will see a bridge across a ravine.  Turn left just before the bridge and the road will take you under it eventually.  The area used to be the site of a sugar mill.  It was destroyed by a tsunami.  The foundation and some heavy steel parts remain.  People swim in the estuary because the beach is rocky.  Tourists from the mainland do not get to see this place.  I saw no other rental cars there.