Puerto Montt and Other Delights



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After one brilliant day in Santiago I left for the Pacific port of Valparaiso.  Along the way the driver stopped at a winery where I photographed the Two Retail Girls.  Just before the ship sailed I snapped a harbor tour boat.  A day and half later the ship anchored at Puerto Montt.  From there I took a bus tour to Lago Llanquihue where it was possible to view the two volcanoes Osorno and and the recently erupted Calbuco.  Only Orsono is pictured.  The bus returned to town stopping at an overlook where I shot the pano.  The full size image is 229 MP and stitched from 22 raw images.




Santiago Street Photography


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More from a day of wandering around Santiago, Chile with my D800, this time mostly in color.



Santiago Street Monochromes II


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More from my day of wandering around Santiago, Chile with my D800.



Santiago Street Monochromes


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These are just part of a day wandering around Santiago, Chile with my D800.

Victoria BC


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Rather than arriving via Victoria’s beautiful harbor, my ferry landed at Sidney a small town about 30 minutes away by highway.  Canadian customs was unusually quick.  My first stop was Fisherman’s Wharf, a 15 minute walk from the harbor.  Locals will try to convince you to take a water taxi.



Seattle Street Photography


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Seattle is a target rich environment for street photography.  There is always a crowd at the Pike Street Market, plus the downtown streets are packed with people.

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Edgy Beauty and Tattoos 2015



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Photos from Houston’s Gay Pride day held the day after SCOTUS ruled gays may marry and their marriages must be recognized by all states.  This year it was held downtown with a festival outside city hall and the parade at night downtown.  These photographs  were taken at the festival.  Swimming in the reflecting pool in front of city hall is prohibited.  At first  police chased folks out of the pool, but eventually gave up.  Remember, it is very hot and humid here in the summer.





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