Portugal Part V

The final installment, for now of last spring’s trip to Portugal.


Portugal Part IV


The above was taken in downtown Lisbon

Portugal Part III


More picture postcard charms from Portugal.  My life has become a Travelogue.

Portugal Part II

A few more photos from Portugal.  Except for the suspension bridge in Lisbon, these are from Porto.

Portugal Part I

These photos are from a early summer 2017 trip to Portugal.  They are not organized in any particular way.  I also publish photography on flickr under the name Ron Scubadiver.  That gallery is updated daily.











Lisbon Revisited

Ron Snaps 2 Girls

Ron Snaps 2 Girls


8 Photos in This Gallery

These are from a 20112 visit to Lisbon, Portugal

At the Beach in Lagos

Horse Waiting For A Table

Horse Waiting For A Table

Lagos is a beach resort several hours South of Lisbon, Portugal by bus.  I was there before the season started, so it was quiet.  My impression was there is not that much going on, but it is a fine place to kick back, eat a fish dinner, and make your own fun.