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Those who follow this blog may have noticed it is not updated daily anymore.  Despite being followed by over 8,000 other bloggers, traffic is light.  My photography is also published at flickr under the Ron Scubadiver ID.  I have been averaging over 12,000 views per day on flickr with only 1,070 following.  Even when spending hours each day promoting this blog I was lucky to get 1,500 views per day on the average.  Unfortunately, the reader discourages people from visiting the individual blogs.

I will continue to post here on a sporadic basis.  The posts will often contain more images than before.  When I run out of the paltry 3 gigabytes of space they give here, old stuff will have to be deleted.

Thank you for your interest.


Barcelona Street Shots Album


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Street photography from Barcelona, Spain. All with a Nikon D800, most with a 50mm f/1.4G.

Tarragona, Spain


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Tarragona is a beautiful coastal city not far South from Barcelona.  It is famous for its Roman ruins and cliffs overlooking the sea.  The lead image is a stitched pano.


Girona in Black and White


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These are from the old town of Girona, Spain.

Girona and Figueres


Girona is a sleepy town on a river with a an old town that is really old.  Nearby in Figueres is the Dali Museam Theater, where Salvador Dali is buried.

Park Güell



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More Photos from Barcelona, Spain.



Barcelona’s Gaudi Landmarks


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Photos from la Pedrera, Sagrada Familia and Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.