Views of Maui


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Just some of the typical sights on Maui, provided you are looking in the right direction.


Birding on Brays Bayou


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Nikon recently started shipping a 200-500mm f/5.6 telephoto zoom lens.  The big news is it sells for only $1396 and has better image quality at the long end than their 80-400 zoom.  These were taken at nearby Brays Bayou.  This same drainage ditch overflowed in May of 2015 flooding thousands of homes, including mine.  It took 6 months to put my house back together.

2015 Lone Star Rally


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The sound of roaring motorcycle engines on the Strand, mostly Harley V-Twins, is the sound of happiness.  After two rainy days the weather cleared up and all the bikers in Galveston (near Texas) were treated to a perfect day.  Lots of bikers and pretty girls here.   Thank goodness for pretty bartenders.



Humans of Maui (Expanded)


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Here is a collection of street photography and street portraits from Maui.


Houston Ferrari Festival 2015


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This is Houston’s annual gathering for Ferrari owners. There was a nice selection of Lamborghini cars and other exotics there. Weather was sunny and mild. Most would say it was perfect, but a little haze helps when taking photos of people.

Life is a Beach On Maui


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Kihei Beach faces West on Maui’s Southwest side.   Towards the end of the trip I tired of driving around the island.  My hotel was across the street from  3 public beaches, so I would go out and walk with my camera, a telephoto zoom attached in a world full of bikinis.





10 Photos in This Gallery, the pano is 2,000 px wide.

From sea level to 10,000 feet (3,000 M) it takes about an  hour of driving to get to this magnificent view at the highest point on Maui.



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