Sculpted in Steel: Art Deco Automobiles and Motorcycles, 1929–1940


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These glorious antique cars and motorcycles are currently on display at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.



Leaving Ushuaia


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The first 5 photos are from the Tierra del Fuego Mational Park, the last three are from the ships departure from Ushuaia.




More Buenos Aires Street Photos



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Here are the result of wandering around Buenos Aires wearing out my shoes and feet while taking photos.  Most of these were from the San Telmo area, a few from Florida Street.



Beagle Channel Birds and Sea Lions




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After docking at Ushuia I boarded a catamaran to view the wildlife inhabiting small islands in the area.



Beagle Channel




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The ship left Punta Arenas going back out the Magellan Channel to the Pacific, South and then turning East into the Beagle Channel on the way to Ushuaia.  The ship passed by glaciers along the way right as the sun was rising.  Limited lighting and a moving ship made for difficult photography.





8 Photos in this Gallery

Overnight the ship traveled up the Magellan channel and set anchor at Punta Arenas, Chile.  That day’s excursion started with a 20 minute bus ride and a transfer to an extremely slow boat taking another 2 hours to reach Magadalena Island, home to about 500,000 Penguins.  I was able to spend about 80 minutes there taking pictures before the even slower trip back to the ship.  Another group booked a fast boat, it cost considerably less, but it broke down on the way out.  The evening’s departure for Ushuaia presented itself with dramatic scenery.


Buenos Aires Street Photos


15 B&W Photos in this gallery

These photos are from the end of the journey.  I have decided to skip around to provide a little variety.  One of these images is not from Buenos Aires. If you can guess which one it is you will win a coupon good for a free cup of coffee at my house in Houston, only on a Sunday morning.


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