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New Zealand Landmarks

Four buildings on the South Island:



By The River

Barcelona’s Gaudi Landmarks


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Photos from la Pedrera, Sagrada Familia and Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

Seattle II



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Surpassed 2 million clicks yesterday.  At the site of the Space Needle is a building designed by Frank Gehry and a playground children find irresistible.


Shining Towers




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I had a minor screw up with the editor this morning and wound up deleting a post.  Sorry if you received more than one email notification.

Due to the scarcity of space in Hong Kong everything is built up instead of out.  Their thriving economy is housed in glass sheathed skyscrapers while most residents live in high rise buildings.


The Fish and the Cube

Koi 1

Koi 1

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These are photographs from the Westside Omni Hotel where I spent new year’s eve dancing the night away.  In the morning children were feeding the koi their special mix that the hotel gives out in little envelopes.  If you look carefully the fish are visible in one of the interior images.  These interior photos were captured with an ancient Nikkor 20mm f/2.8 AF lens.


View From the Top



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These photos were taken from the Petroleum Club.  It is on the top floor of a building formerly occupied by Exxon Mobile.  The club will move to a new location in 2015.  I used a Samsung Galaxy S3 in low light mode for the captures.