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Tiny Mackinac Island

Horse Team

Horse Team

Mackinac Island sits in Lake Huron just east of the Bridge which connects the larger part of Michigan to the Upper Peninsula.  One can ride around the island in about an hour on a bicycle as the trip is only 8 miles.  Other choices for transportation are walking and horse drawn carriage.  There are three motor vehicles, all for emergency services.  The result is a horde of bikes and a load of horse manure.  My Hotel was right next to Saint Ann’s Church which stays rather busy as this is a favorite location for Michigan Catholics to marry.  Quite a few brides were visible Saturday afternoon.   The place is touristy to the max.  There are many stores making fudge and other sorts of candy.  It costs more to rent a $400 bicycle here than it costs to rent a mid size car in most US cities.  My favorite watering hole was the Sea Biscuit which serves a very strong Train Wreck brew on draft in real 20 ounce pints.


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