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Edgy Beauty and Tattoos 2015



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Photos from Houston’s Gay Pride day held the day after SCOTUS ruled gays may marry and their marriages must be recognized by all states.  This year it was held downtown with a festival outside city hall and the parade at night downtown.  These photographs  were taken at the festival.  Swimming in the reflecting pool in front of city hall is prohibited.  At first  police chased folks out of the pool, but eventually gave up.  Remember, it is very hot and humid here in the summer.




Birding on Brays Bayou


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Nikon recently started shipping a 200-500mm f/5.6 telephoto zoom lens.  The big news is it sells for only $1396 and has better image quality at the long end than their 80-400 zoom.  These were taken at nearby Brays Bayou.  This same drainage ditch overflowed in May of 2015 flooding thousands of homes, including mine.  It took 6 months to put my house back together.

Houston Ferrari Festival 2015


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This is Houston’s annual gathering for Ferrari owners. There was a nice selection of Lamborghini cars and other exotics there. Weather was sunny and mild. Most would say it was perfect, but a little haze helps when taking photos of people.

Corpocracy at the Station Museum

Rebeca Marin 3

Rebeca Marin 3

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This show opened last Saturday evening.  It is outstanding. Rebeca Marin is a TV personality from Madrid, Spain and a friend of one of the artists.

Texas Contemporary

Teen Art Lovers

Teen Art Lovers

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This excellent art show was held last week at the George R Brown Convention Center

People in Houston


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Sorry I haven’t been doing much lately. My house flooded back in May and I spend a lot of time dealing with construction issues.

Dress Cutting Performance


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